Reefer Truckload

Aug 21, 2018 | Service | 0 comments

We are specialized in Reefer truckload service as well. With our technologically advanced reefer containers, FAlcatraz LLC will ensure that your cargo is shipped under the most precise temperature control from origin to destination.

Reefer freight is shipping speak for “Refrigerated freight.” Anytime you’re shipping freight that needs to be temperature controlled, you’re going to need to get a reefer service. Reefer freight is unique in a number of ways including equipment, quoting, and in-transit practices.

Reefer transportation services are mainly used to handle perishable cargoes like meat, fruits, and vegetables, with the advantage of minimizing decay, controlling ripening, and retaining food quality to the best possible condition for consumers, even after being transported long distances. Some chemical and pharmaceutical products are moved by reefer services to avoid decomposition or deterioration of the products which can take place during all-weather-exposed transportation. For many cargoes, maintaining an appropriate ambient condition through proper operational handling is indispensable for every step of the supply chain.

We at Alcatraz LLC have the modern reefer containers with ventilation, on point temperature control and dehumidification feature, that can preserve even the most delicate cargo in the perfect condition.






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